Our goals:

Put the heart back into your brand!

So many of our clients were simply exhausted trying to run their businesses because their approach demanded their personal time for every task. We want to lower your hours worked, and help you enjoy what you do again.

Help small business to work smarter, not harder.

As business owners ourselves, we can see that we need to take our expertise, invest the time in honing this knowledge down into golden nuggets of wisdom, and set up a pro display-case to show off our wares. We need to stop working by the hour and start selling packages with our value added creations cleverly integrated in.

Word Glow – Passive Income Support

We’re refocusing Word Glow right now from web presence and communication strategy, to the wider world of Passive Income.

In a nut shell, before, we offered:

  • branding
  • website building
  • content writing
  • social media set up
  • coaching & project management

And now we offer all that, plus:

  • e-course building
  • e-book creation
  • e-commerce set up
  • video services


WordGlow.ca is undergoing a big re-vamp, so some areas of the site haven’t been filled in yet. Time investment underway!