You do what you do.
We help you talk about it.
The Why

Most small businesses are started with a great idea and a lot of energy to make things happen. Then you get so wrapped up in DOING the work, it’s almost impossible to get the distance you need to talk about the overview.

The How

How do you express your passion in one simple statement? How could a “brand” ever feel like a genuine part of what you’re up to?

Well, you let us help! That’s how.

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The What

We’ve created content for:


  • Welcome Page – business introduction and pitch, communicating your value proposition
  • About Us Page – writing bios & origin stories
  • Services Page – writing and organizing ideas into structure

Web & Print Outreach

  • Brochures, postcards & posters
  • Business Cards & Sell Sheets
  • Social Media messaging

Passive Income

  • Course Descriptions & Marketing Blurbs
  • Course Content
  • E-books
  • Video scripts & audio recordings
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Your website is your Home Base.


We’ve helped clients come up with business names, logos, domain names – basically we support you in honing the basic brand concepts.


Think of your website structure as a muffin tin and your words and images as the muffins. We can help you pick out a muffin tin (the tech side) but we are also muffin bakers. We use your integrity as our main ingredient.


We use a low stress approach – we talk to you! Sit down, relax and talk to us about what you love about what you do. We’ll make some notes and include you, making sure the content feels genuine to you.

Showcase a brand that feels genuinely YOU

Out Reach

Once you have your website looking great, you’re ready to reach out. Having a cohesive image across platforms makes your brand memorable.

Printed Media

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures and Fliers
  • Media Kits

Social Media

  • Blog writing
  • Tweeting strategies and examples
  • Facebook strategies and examples
  • Mail Chimp Newsletters and Campaigns
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Work smarter, not harder

The Next Level

Here we take your web presence beyond promotion and into Passive Income.

Passive Income Development

  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • E-course storyboarding
  • Video script writing
  • Course descriptions and teasers
  • E-book writing and editing
  • Creation of incentive items and value-added give-aways