We get this monkey off your back,
and get him working for you!
The Why

Let’s face it – most small businesses are swamped with tasks, and we run around like chickens with our heads cut off. It’s hard to find the time to stop, sit down and make strategy a reality.

But of course, we all know that when you chase two rabbits, you catch none.

Besides, chickens never catch rabbits, silly.

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The How

When you sit down with us, show us where you’re at, tell us your woes about the burrs in your shorts, and whisper us the tale of what you’d really like to be doing everyday… guess what?

We take the mess out of your head and get it organised! The pain points get mitigated, the dreams get planned for, and most importantly, you stop feeling crazy. Every idea is there in the plan, and all you have to do are these 2 tasks.

The What

We can help with:

Getting Organised

  • Assessment – show us what you’ve got and we’ll lay out a plan to fill in the spaces
  • Prioritization – a timeline with realistic stages and milestones
  • Strategy – who your audience is, targeting what they care about

Working Smarter, NOT Harder

  • Targeting your Gatekeepers – people with influence in your arena
  • Low Hanging Fruit – what are the easy opportunities already at your door
  • Automation – eg: connecting your Blog to your Facebook Page and Twitter

Marketing Stages – Supporting you step by step

  • Building Your List – email lists don’t happen overnight. Target the right people and offer incentives to get them signing up
  • Youtube – helping you brand your own videos
  • Blogs – setting up a blog, writing blog entries for you, brainstorming blog topics and content, or teaching you to do this yourself
  • Facebook – setting up a professional Facebook Page
  • Twitter – setting up a Twitter account, tweeting for you, generating tweet ideas and categories, teaching you to do this yourself

Creating Your “Next Level” Plan

  • Passive Income – creating products that you don’t have to stock, ship or process payment for
  • Automated Marketing – let Mailchimp send out the next lesson of your e-course, all on an automated schedule
  • New Opportunities – using social tools in specific ways, suited to you and your work
  • Honing Direction – tell us where you really want to go. We’ll chart the course in baby steps.