Your web presence can polish and share the heart of your work

Most websites display WHAT the company does, but not WHY they do it. Your brand and your messaging can both communicate your real purpose, and how you bring those values to life.

Your work says something about you. Showcase your passion online.

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We offer customisable web design services that can include:

  • Business Coaching
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design and Build
  • Branding Roll Out
  • E-Commerce – Integrated into Your Site
  • Social Media – Integrated into Your Site
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Work smarter, not harder

Here we take your web presence beyond just a website. Starting at $1000* this package can include all of our services in lesser packages as well as:

The Next Level

  • Deeper stages of branding consultation, including re-inventing yourself or your group
  • Project and team management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Video and audio integration and branding
  • Social media strategy and implementation

Passive Income Development

  • E-commerce integration
  • E-course and e-book integration
  • Creation of incentive items and value-added give-aways

*Prices depend on the individual needs of the client. Starting price is providing you have a hot website already, that doesn’t need upgrading.

Showcase a brand that feels genuinely YOU

This package starts at $1500 and includes:

Technical Set Up

  • Full set up of website
  • Web hosting and domain name set up
  • Paid theme selection and installation
  • Incorporating your social media platforms into one cohesive hub
  • Set up of spam protection


  • Branding consultation
  • Site map and layout out consultation
  • Content writing – messaging that suits you AND your audience
  • Professional photos & graphics with copyright
  • Social media strategy and web presence assessment
  • Customization available


  • Tutorials to facilitate making your own updates to the site
  • Cheatsheet documentation for your reference
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Legitimize your work in the eyes of the world

This basic package starts at $500 and includes:

Technical Set Up

  • Website hosting set up with GoDaddy
  • Domain name purchase facilitation
  • WordPress installation


  • Basic overview of your needs
  • Custom site map creation based on your project
  • Menu of all the pages you will need
  • Theme suggestions, purchase facilitation and installation


  • Basic cheatsheet provided so you can add content and images yourself
Create Your Own Custom Package
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Business Coaching

  • Honing your purpose
  • Defining your dreams
  • Redirecting towards a balance of all needs
  • Creating a map of next steps

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Website Design and Build

  • Technical Set Up
  • Content Writing
  • Image Sourcing
  • Usability
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Social Media – Integrated into Your Site

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Etc

Brand Development

  • Interview with key team members
  • Brainstorming a business name
  • Logo concept
  • Icons and visuals concept and sourcing
  • Look and Feel

Branding Roll Out

  • Business card layout
  • Brochure design
  • Templates for presentations
  • Letterhead design

E-Commerce – Integrated into Your Site

  • Paypal set up
  • Usability