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Expertise and support without ego or attitude.

We believe that each business has huge potential when you go back to the core of the brand – the passion that started your project in the first place.

Communication is all about human connection.

When you clarify the real heart that’s gone into the work, and you find professional and meaningful ways to communicate that inspiration, connections happen naturally.

When you start to share your real messages with the world, you’ll be surprised how things start to blossom!

Our Team

Michele Fether is a Communications Consultant with a passion for small businesses. She began making websites back when writing your own code was normal and now takes great pleasure in using the continuous stream of new tools the web has to offer. These not only help us create websites, but also let us share our messages on an international stage. She does web design, brand development, social media strategy, video production and editing, e-course development, content writing and e-book creation. Her business development coaching begins with conversation, and ends when the dream is built and running. She’s a published author with a writing degree, and a passion for bringing the human heart back into marketing.

Karen is a long-time “user-centered, iterative design process” web and print designer who has worked for the big corps and the smaller guys, both internationally and across Canada. She currently lives and works from her home on Salt Spring Island, BC where the air is fresh and the ocean is just a stroll away. Her professional passion (balanced by her foremost passions of Fine Arts and her Boston Terrier canine co-conspirator) is creating authentic, friendly and simple-to-use websites for small businesses and individuals. She is currently focusing on Facebook advertising and WordPress-based e-commerce solutions. Karen is also a skilled print designer and can whip up beautiful, nature-inspired illustrations, graphics and publications to match or update brands and business stories, or help business owners start fresh with a whole new look and feel.

Adam Thomas is a Web Master and true renaissance man. He builds websites, e-stores, e-courses, e-books, works on video production, illustrates his own product line and dabbles in graphic design. He’s a recorded musician with experience creating sound for video, and a certified Reflexology practitioner and instructor. As a small business owner himself, he’s passionate about getting creative and providing elegant solutions that the little guy can afford. He brings his artistic eye and ear to every project and blends his technical knowledge with the warm openness of his wellness practice.